Accessories and other fun stuff made from reclaimed materials.

About Salvage 19/09/2009

Salvage products are made using reclaimed and vintage materials. We upcycle used and unwanted items to craft hip new designs.

Not only are our products eco-friendly but each one already has its own history making them completely unique. We get our materials from a variety of sources – from commandeering Grandma’s button tin to hunting in charity shops and rummaging at carboot sales. Yarn for our knitted and crocheted items is often balls that have been brought in excess for a project, abandoned projects or simply a collection of oddments that have been left over from other things. Our textile designs include shopping bags made from old t-shirts, aprons made from skirts, bags made from jeans or pillowcases as well as many items made from offcuts and scraps of fabric.

All of our products are made at home and even our equipment is vintage or had been salvaged from somewhere! This is done mostly using two very old sewing machines that have their own personalities (and mood swings) and a stash of knitting needles and crocheting hooks that have many years experience of their own.

The Salvage Team:
Salvage is a true family set up. All of our items are designed and made by either Mum (Patsy) or daughter (Tasha) … sometimes both when the mood suits. Even Grandma (Mary) gets in on the act by helping with sewing on buttons, washing fabric and so on. Sometimes the men are included as ‘design consultants’ (Does this colour go with this one?) … or more often wool winding props and financial backers. Now we just need to find a job for the hamster!


3 Responses to “About Salvage”

  1. Minky Magic Says:

    I love your ethos and all your products, I currently make vintage inspired jewellery and am about to diversify into other accessories so your blog is really interesting to me. How can I follow your blog?

    • Hi

      One way to follow the blog is to subscribe to the RSS feed (the orange square in your address bar) or if you have a Twitter account then follow us there. I always post a tweet to say I’ve blogged something here.

      Thanks 😀

    • You can also click on the orange icon in the “contact us” box at the top of the page to subscribe to the RSS feed.

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