Accessories and other fun stuff made from reclaimed materials.

Sheffield Hallam Student Market 06/11/2009

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We were at Sheffield Hallam University today. They’ve just started having a ‘mini-market’ in the entrance hall of the Student Union building. Lots of interest in our products and reasonable takings considering it’s a relatively new event so foot-flow could have been better (and hopefully will be once the students get to know that it’s there). Students seemed to really like our stuff as well which is fab!

Now we’re just hoping that the rest of the weekend is as good haha.


Mohair Gloves! 03/11/2009

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Mohair Mitts Finally got a picture of the mohair gloves before selling them!

Thanks to a very nice lady called CarolĀ  from the UK Craft Forum for giving us a massive bag of yarn so we could make some more of these fabby mitts!


Items on Etsy 21/10/2009

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Put our first lot of items on Etsy today.

Buy Salvage:

More will be added soon but the camera batteries ran out so couldn’t take any more pictures.


craft fair day 18/10/2009

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Today was a little better than yesterday. Fingerless gloves are big sellers – especially teal mohair ones. Really need to find more of that yarn. Also sold our first tea pot cozy!

Lots more people trying things on though so hopefully with the cold weather coming and people starting to actually buy christmas presents (rather than just browsing) things will pick up in the next few weeks.


Stall revamp 17/10/2009

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We revamped our stall today. Added more height with the help of an old bookcase. It seemed to work as a lot more stuff was at eye level. Didn’t sell any more but more things were noticed/commented on which has to be a good thing.

Still pretty slow but people have to start buying for Christmas soon, right?

Back in Bakewell again tomorrow.


Slow day 11/10/2009

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Pretty slow day for all at the craft fair today, although over the weekend we didn’t fair too badly. Managed to display our bags better and sold more than usual! Yay! Cute bags for little girls were the thing of the weekend, thanks to Grandmas buying them for their granddaughters!

Thanks to an auntie who’s given up knitting (and apparently loves the stuff) we had tons of mohair yarn. Didn’t really know what to do with it this far out of the 80s but according to Paris and London Fashion Weeks its in this season. So, took the plunged and made a couple of pairs of funky fingerless mitts, adding a cute pearl effect bead to each. They looked great. Was going to photograph them to blog but both pairs sold pretty quick, so must make some more and grab a pic before putting them on the stall, lol.

Must get on … things to make!


This weekend 10/10/2009

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Saturday and Sunday at Bakewell Craft Fair this week.

Lots of funky new items for sale including cute aprons, cosy hats and funky wristwarmers.